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Domestic and international variety is the credo of our bread and pastry department, which offers more than 40 different types of bread and a variety of crispy pastries. Lovers of Italian white bread will love Grandioso, Pan Torsade according to an old traditional recipe, a large selection of Ciabatta and Focaccia. The fans of dark bread will love Meinl's bread department with yeast-free rye bread, DaWa and Vitim bread.

Kasses bakes its bread and pastry specialities exclusively from the best raw materials without chemical additives or even baking agents, for the most part in a traditional stone oven, whereby the dark bread types are made with natural sourdough and the white ones with a pre-dough stored for at least 48 hours.
Delivery takes place early in the morning every day, and Julius Meinl am Graben's range of Kasses includes not only common bread types such as stone-baked or rye bread, but also specialities such as sauerkraut and kamut bread, the tempting nut bread block with an unbelievable proportion of 50% nuts and, on order, also the labour-intensive gluten-free bread.
Meinl's bread and pastry specialists will be glad to advise you on your purchase!
Meinl's bread and pastry specialists will be happy to advise you on your purchase!

Worth Knowing


The different types of flour are specified in types like W480 for example. This typing indicates the degree of grinding of the flour. W480 a flour with a low degree of grinding is almost white, and has a high proportion of adhesive, which is necessary for baking. Depending on the typing is higher, more shells of grain are included in the flour, and its color is more dark. Whole wheat flour has therefore no typing.


A bread, which consists only of wheat flour, dry out the fastest. The higher is the percentage of rye in the dough, the longer it stays fresh, as rye can hold more moisture. A bread box or bread bags made of fabric best suited to the storage. In a packed bread should be removed but previously out of its original packaging, because it starts faster to mouldy.


Spelt is considered very compatible with the body and digestible. Also spelt delivers more minerals, vitamins and trace elements than wheat. In addition, it contains more protein and is a good acidifying agents. Basically you can use spelt always instead of wheat. He is so much use, because not only spelt bread tastes superbly, but also in the cereal, as pancakes, cookies, soups etc.

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