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Cured, cooked, smoked or dried – however you like your cold meat, you must come and experience our selection of over 400 cold cuts and 50 types of ham. Our employees can enthuse all day on the subject of some of our Italian delicacies alone: paper-thin San Daniele with its unrivalled taste; mild Parma ham that melts in the mouth; air-dried bresaola, and culatello, that Rolls Royce of prosciuttos, for which only a select part of the leg is used.


Alongside the hams we have salami from Milan, mortadella from Bologna, and from Tuscany mild pancetta coppata, stone-cured lardo di colonnata, and assorted salamis from top producers Falorni.


The Spanish king of hams, pata negra, also sits nearby. Incredible as it may seem, this matchless product, made from pigs reared on acorns and cured for two years, is as high in unsaturated fats as either salmon or olives.

France is represented with some real wonders –exquisite rillettes of duck and goose, pig tongues in aspic, delicious black sausages, flavoured with apple or onion, and much more.


And we have enough of our native Austrian products to stand proud with our southerly neighbours. Eight varieties of cured bacon, from mild to spicy; blunzn, boxerl and venison sausages, you won't be disappointed!

Particularly popular with our customers is our cooked ham, still traditionally cut by hand. To do this well is an art that few can claim to have mastered, and one that we know is well appreciated by shoppers

We can also offer unique products such as bündnerfleisch (air dried beef). This aromatic delicacy is made from lean cuts of meat, seasoned and cured in the pure, rich air of the Graubünden mountains.


Julius Meinl sets great store by its variety of suppliers, and here you will also find prominent place given to small quality butcher from around the world.

We look forward to your visit and to helping you with your selection!

Original Swiss cheese fondue

Ingredients for 4 people
200 g Appenzeller extra
400 g Gruyère
200 g Emmental cheese
400 ml white wine
1 clove of garlic
4 tsp cornflour
1 glass of cherry brandy
1 tsp lemon juice
600-800 g white bread
Generally expected per person
200 g cheese


Rub the fondue pot (enamel or clay, pot) with garlic clove. Mix cornflour with cherry brandy. Cheese with wine (room temperature) and give lemon juice into the pot and melt slowly under constant stirring on the stove on low heat. Stir the maizena-cherry mixture. Cook Fondue carefully (20-30 min) and season with nutmeg and pepper.

Fondue often looks too thick or too thin during cooking. Wait approximately two minutes after the full merge of cheese before using extra cornstarch or wine or other tools! Place the pot on the top of a spirit burner and place it on the table. Th fondue should not cook longer.


Tips & Tricks
The fondue too thin: Either add cheese or cornstarch in a jar mix with cherry and then stir in the fondue while stirring.
The fondue coagulated: If the fondue is coagulated, mix lemon juice with 1 tsp cornflour and 2 tsp cherry brandy in a glass and then stir it in the fondue.
Too thick fondue: Stir in some wine.


The game & enjoy
Serve small sour vegetables to the fondue. In addition to bread, you can put also cooked potato pieces onto the fork. Dip the bread pieces in the cherry brandy before in the cheese. That's an interesting flavour variant. Black tea with some brown sugar and a dash of cherry brandy in it or a fruity white wine are a good companion.

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