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The name Julius Meinl is synomomous with quality, and thanks to this is one of the strongest brands in Austria. Now under the name of Julius Meinl am Graben, we have created a luxury brand which guarantees our customers the highest quality every time. Part of what we offer under this label is a range of international specialities, produced for us by selected domestic and international partners according to our own recipes and specifications. Another aspect is presenting the finest examples of typical Austrian products, at the same time serving as wonderful souvenirs and evoking nostalgic memories of childhood.


Meinls own-brand wines, once a well-kept secret by those in the know, are now enjoyed by all who appreciate fine Austrian grapes like Zweigelt and Reisling, as well as our noble sweet wines and various cuvees. Our rich variety of coffees (see Coffee and Accessories), and the finest teas from the best tea gardens around the world (see Teas and Confectionary), are an invitation to discover a whole new world of tastes and aromas.


For those with a sweet tooth, we have everything from classic Viennese specialities like katzenzungen, liliputpralinen and seidenkracher, to a colourful selection of jams and jellies, including the wonderfully aromatic Mokka coffee jelly, fruity powidl (a typical Austria plum jam), and more exotic combinations such as cranberry and green pepper.

Crowning this collection is our famous cake, Meinl's Wiener Torte which, made to an old family recipe, embodies everything that the house of Meinl stands for - the combination of quality and tradition.

To help you in the kitchen we have a selection of delicious prepared dishes such as beef or veal goulash, fresh soups like gaspacho, and enough vinegars, golden-yellow olive oils and old favourites such as Styrian pumpkin-seed oil to make dressings and marinades to tempt and tantalise every palate.


Our experts are continuously at work to improve and expand our own-brand range with interesting and exciting new products. We look forward to keeping you informed and up-to-date with what's new!

Highlights from the collection
Meinls Cantuccini Soft
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€ 7.99
Meinls Classic Brownies
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€ 19.90
Meinl's Plain Cocoa Powder
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€ 4.99
Meinl's Premium Sekt Brut
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€ 13.99
Meinls Wiener Torte
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€ 29.90
Meinls Pumpkin Seed Oil
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€ 9.99
Meinls Organic Spring Flower Honey
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€ 7.99
Meinls Kaffee Blue Mountain
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€ 65.00
Meinls Marille Konfitüre
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€ 5.99
Meinl's Coffee Sissi The Empress
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€ 6.99
Meinls Williams
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€ 17.99
Meinls China Sencha BIO
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€ 4.50


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