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Because mustard is not just mustard, we have dedicated a whole department on the First Floor to offering an unbeatable selection of mustard and horseradish condiments. From Ticino in Switzerland come fruity mustards, with selected fruits candied in mustard-based syrup. These sweet and hot preserves of apricot, orange or fig are a delightful accompaniment to cheese, fish or poultry.


In particular demand is the range produced by the Lustenauer Brüder Bösch. Favourites include the sharp and fruity Dörrpflaumensenf, made with plums, fiery Zigeunersenf, the milder Bauernsenf and, in spring alone, the unusual and refreshing Bärlauchsenf.


Adventurous types, who value the heat as much as the flavour, will be well satisfied by the English varieties we offer; the legendary Colman's Mustard, both ready-mixed and in powder form, and a fiery equivalent from rival producers Elsenham.

And let's not forget the spiced and flavoured varieties from France's house of Pommery, among them the regal Cognac, fiery Fireman and sweeter honey mustards, which sit side-by-side with a refreshing lemon mustard and the incredible Limousin mustard from Delouis Fils.


French’s Yellow Mustard from American, various sweet mustards from Bavaria (essential for the regional speciality, weißwurst), truffle mustard from France – this really is a paradise for mustard-lovers!

And for those who savour the white radish, but would forego the tearful process of grating it fresh, can satisfy their passion here also. Meinl's own horseradish creations include combinations with cranberry, apple or cream to provide some delightful, if hot, variations!

We recommend
Stokes - BBQ Sauce
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€ 8.29
Olio Roi - Crema di Rucola
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€ 4.79
Stonewall Kitchen - Farmhouse Green Relish
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€ 13.49
Meinls Alt Wiener Mustard
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€ 2.99
Herb mustard spread with smoked salmon


Ingredients for 6-8 persons
250 g cream cheese
75 g of smoked salmon
4 tsp sweet mustard
salt & peffer


Drain the cream cheese well or give it in a clean cloth and expressed by turning. Pour the cream cheese in a bowl. Wash the dill (save some for decoration),  chop finely. Cut the salmon into small pieces and mix with the mustard, dill and cream cheese. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Put the spread on a slice of black bread and decorate with dill and possibly pieces of salmon.


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Our Favourites
Fink's - Pumpkin Seed Pesto
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€ 7.49
Vanini - Mostarda Purée Quince
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€ 7.49
Acqualagna Tartufi - Crema di Funghi Porcini al Tartufo
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€ 8.99
Händlmaier's - Original Bavarian Veal Sausage-Mustard
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€ 2.69
Händlmaier's - Sweet Mustard
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€ 2.29
Händlmaier's - Sweet Hausmacher Mustard
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€ 1.49
Hellmann's - Real Mayonnaise
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€ 5.99
Bösch - Rheintaler Farmer Mustard
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€ 5.79
Acqualagna Tartufi - Salsa Tartufata
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€ 10.99
Bösch - Sweet Hausmacher Mustard
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€ 5.79
Wilkin & Sons - Mincemeat
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€ 7.99
Vanini - Mostarda Purée Figs
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€ 7.49
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