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How can you distinguish Ligurian olive oil from Tuscan? Does Styrian raspberry vinegar go with radicchio salad? Does Austria produce balsamic vinegar? In the Oil & Vinegar department, our team can give you the answers to all these questions and show you the respective products in their finest examples. You can find traditional, cold-pressed and unfiltered oils from the Styrian producer Fandler, from rich walnut oil to the fruitier schilchertraubenkernöl, made from the seeds of rosé wine grapes. Yellow-gold rapeseed oil from the Schlossweingut Graf Hardegg and a wide variety of pumpkinseed oils from different producers sit alongside rare argana oil from Morocco and pistachio, pine nut and avocado oil from France.


This department surely owes its legendary reputation to its comprehensive selection of up to 50 different kinds of olive oil from the most important olive-growing regions. Fruity olive oil from Umbria, organic oil from Greece or Lake Garda, Iberian oil made from arbequina olives, with their famous low acidity content… these all take their places next to the great names from Tuscany, among them such classics as the vintage oil from Pianoro, pressed in the old Tuscan tradition, and the brilliant gold-green laudemio from the Frescobaldi vineyards.


The ever-popular truffle oils which promise a taste experience of an altogether different class. Side-by-side with these exquisite oils sit their equivalents in vinegar, from around the world.


Austria’s elite is represented here by Styrian specialists Gölles, with their practical vinegar sprays, bombastic fruit vinegars and elegant, 20-year-old apfelbalsamessig, and the noble balsamics from Acetaia Pecoraro in Klosterneuburg. Spain contributes sherry vinegar, France truffle vinegar, and of course our southern neighbour Italy provides a wide variety of balsamic vinegars, among them the delicious traditionali, matured for 30 years.

Our Favourites
Comincioli - Olio No.
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€ 54.99
Ölmühle Leopold - Pumpkin Seed Oil
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€ 8.49
Verjus - Extra Sour
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€ 7.99
Kürbishof Koller - Pumpkin Seed Oil
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€ 24.99
Casa Rinaldi - Crema di Balsamico
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€ 5.99
Meinls Pumpkin Seed Oil
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€ 9.99
Verjus - Fruity
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€ 7.99
Fandler - Sesame Oil
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€ 10.99
Casa Rinaldi - Balsamico Tradizionale Extra
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€ 139.99
Heritage - Malt Vinegar
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€ 1.49
Grifo - Olio Extravergine d'Oliva
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€ 39.99
Agricola Leonardi - Aceto Balsamico di Modena
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€ 28.49
Dressing & Marinades Recipes

Passion fruit
40ml of passion fruit juice
1tb balsamic vinegar
1tb walnut oil
1tb olive oil
1tsp sugar

For the dressing, mix the passion fruit juice with the remaining ingredients. Add salt, pepper and sugar as desired. The sweet and sour dressing is not only delicious on salads, but also goes well with fish and Asian dishes.

3 egg yolks
4tb olive oil
1tsp horseradish
1/2 red pepper
basil leaves
salt & pepper

Cautiously beat the egg yolks with olive oil. Dilute with a little vinegar. Finely chop the peppers and basil and add together with the remaining ingredients. The dressing goes well with endive salad and radicchio.

2tb lemon vinegar
3tb water
2tb olive oil
some violets

For the marinade, mix the lemon vinegar, water and oil. Add salt and sugar as you like. The violet wash well and give it with the sliced chives into the mix. The violet marinade tastes great on salads.

2 yogurt
1 curd
1tb olive oil
lemon juice

Stir in yogurt and curd cheese with olive oil creamy. Add a splash of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Wash the herbs (e. g. chives) well, cut them and mix them together. The yogurt dressing is suitable for raw food.


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