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Orecchiette, penne, linguine, lumaconi, maccheroni, pappardelle...the different pasta varieties are as fascinating as the many dishes that come from them. Delicate pasta like spaghettini should come with a light sauce; thin noodles such as cappelletti would be better served in soup. Pasta with a larger surface area like pappardelle or lasagne suits a rich, luxurious ragout, while fluted varieties like penne or the more obviously hollow conchiglie and lumaconi prefer plenty of creamy sauce. As a rule of thumb, the wider the pasta, the thicker the sauce!


Come and discover the incredible world of pasta at Julius Meinl am Graben. We will be happy to explain in detail the characteristics of individual kinds of pasta, give tips on cooking them and suggest some ideal sauces.


All the well-known Italian pasta producers are represented here. Pastificio Martelli from Tuscany, for example, who ensure the quality of their pasta by leaving it to dry for over 50 hours. Or Morelli, whose outstanding wheat-germ products appeal particularly to the healthy-minded among us. The traditional Venetian firm Cipriani is also present, with their wonderful chitarre and pappardelle all’uovo, as is the Apulian pasta maker Sbiroli, who manage to match the highest quality with unbeatable value.

We also stock some less well-known pasta – exotic varieties for those who like something different. Tagliolini flavoured with truffles; jet-black barbaresco from Piedmont, coloured with squid ink; tagliatelli with saffron…even noodles flavoured with balsamic vinegar!


If you would prefer some Austrian pasta for a change, then we can recommend some colourful creations from Salzburg pasta specialists Wallner, or the hand-made pumpkin pasta from Koller, in southeast Styria.

We recommend
TartufLanghe - Tartufissima Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini
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€ 16.49
Morelli - Fregola Sarda
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€ 4.99
Mount Everest - Basmati Rice
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€ 6.99
Balik - Salmon Pasta Pappardelle
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€ 9.99


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Spaghetti with hot or cold Tomatoconcassé

Ingredients for 4 servings:
500 g spaghetti
1 kg tomatoes

3 cloves of garlic
1 small bunch of parsley
2 dried pepperoncini
200 ml premium olive oil

Blanch tomatoes in boiling water, skin and core them. Cut them in small cubes. Finely chop the garlic, parsley and peperoncini. Mix everything with the tomato and extra vergine olive oil and flavour with salt. Cook spaghetti in salted water until al dente, drain the cooking water. Serve them immediately in preheated plates. Heat a large pan, put the tomato mixture in for 30 seconds before serving and give it over the spaghetti.


In the summer, you can waive the heating of the tomatoes and wreak a deliciously refreshing pasta with the cold tomato sauce.

Bio-Dinkel-Locken & Fusilli, Penne rigate und
Frische Tagliatelle, handgemacht & Farfalle colorati, Marella
Conchiglioni rigate, Il Cesto d'Oro & Fusilli al cacao, Raffaelli
Frische Tortelloni gefüllt, Meinl & Frische Tagliolini, handgemacht
Lumaconi Multicolori, Il Macchiaiolo & Pennette della Domenica, Filotea
Kid’s Pasta & Orecchiette, De Cecco di Filippo
Our Favourites
Melchart - Bio Rye Wholemeal Spiral Pasta
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€ 4.49
Tilda - Basmati Rice
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€ 7.99
Martelli - Penne
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€ 10.99
Cirio - Chickpeas
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€ 1.99
Morelli - Pici di Siena Linguine
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€ 5.99
TartufLanghe - Tagliolini Pasta all' Uovo
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€ 7.99
Filotea - Fettuccine al Limone
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€ 5.49
Tiberino - Green Pea Shelled
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€ 3.79
Pastificio Caponi - Tagliolini
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€ 15.79
Martelli - Spaghetti
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€ 11.49
Cipriani - Tagliolini Verdi
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€ 8.99
Morelli - Bio Kamut Spaghetti
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€ 6.99


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