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Salt means not simple salt and spice means not simple spice, the proof you can see in our first floor compartments with an excellent wide range of salt and spices. If you prefer fine or coarse grained salt from the Himalaya, which is culturated in 250 million years through the primal ocean, safe of enviromental influences and pollution or the famous Sal de Ibiza which cristals are grown under low huminity, clear air and the spanish sun and earned in the Salt gardens of the nature reserve of the Salinen. It is your choice.


One of our famous speciall is the Flor de Sal of the beautiful Mediterrean sea island Mallorca. The salt is mixed with herbs of the northern coast of Mallorca and offered in the variety of Mediterranea, Hibiscus, Olivas Negras or Natural Sea Salt.


Connaiseurs which are not satisfied with this excellent products, will be excited about the Sale al Tartufo Nero, the italian Truffelsalt with black summer truffles also the Hawaian pacific sea salt with  organic bambooexcracts.

Last but not least our Meinl Spices which are choosen by our Puchasers, mixed by our experts and appreciated by our chef "Joachim Gradwohl". Regardless which kind of meal you prepare for example fish, pastry or a special game dish, with this spices you create a culinaric experience.


Specialists know, that a dessert created with a biologic fresh vanilla bean garantees a culinaric highlight in each dinner. Specialities like herbs from the Provence, Senchuanpepper from India or the exclusive Saffron threats from Spain finalize the gourmet paradise.

Salt is the salt in the soup
Salt is not equal to salt! Today we are fortunate by open trade relations, to have a nice selection of different types of salt and salt mixtures available. Salt is added to processed foods to make their flavor more appealing. With phantasy and the right pinch every food become a harmonic dish. Although the taste of pure white salt can be different.
The taste of salt depends of its provenance an can be very intensive, bitter and sour.  It also comes in all colors, shapes and sizes: pure white, pink, grey, black or green. Without it, most meals would taste bland and unexciting. The effect of large crystals on a good steak, which give rise to an incredible variety of flavors on the palate is not to be underestimated.
Recipe: Chicken in a salt crust


1 medium bio-chicken
fresh branch rosemary
some fresh lemon thyme
oil for brushing
1.5 kg coarse salt
2 egg whites
100 g flour

This preparation method supported
the flavor and keeps the food juicy.


Wash the chicken, dry it, fill with fresh herbs. Close it with toothpicks and store at room temperature for at least 2 hours. Process the salt with the egg white, flour and some water to a paste.

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Put parchment paper on the baking tray and apply a layer of the salt mixture. Put chicken on it, coat lightly with oil and cover it completely with the salt mixture. Cook it in the oven with convection 60-80 minutes.

Cool down the chicken and cut off the salt crust carefully. Wreak in pieces and remove residual salt and skin. Consistent with buttered rice or rosemary potatoes with seasonal roasted vegetables.

Nice to know about spices and herbs


Mix spices... always possible. But don't Combine any spices with an intense flavour. For example rosemary and thyme do not belong together. Also, tarragon is so special that no other spice should be used.


Heat is...


...not good for each spice. Saffron is for example very sensitive to heat and should be dissolved in warm water and just before the dish is done, mixed in. Also nutmeg is added until right at the end. Just be careful roasting paprika powder, since it will otherwise bitter.


Garlic is...


...good for circulation, blood sugar, and the immune system. So the garlic smell will disappear, just chew parsley or eating an apple. When cooking, never press the garlic because he will lose it's flavour and aroma. Instead cut the garlic into thin slices.


Peppercorns come... the same brush. The different colours (green, white, red, black) of the corns due to harvest time. For example: Green pepper is taken from the unripe fruit. In fact the famous cayenne pepper is no pepper at all, but consists of ground chili peppers.


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