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Doucet - Pomme d'Amour

Confiseur and chocolatier Francois Doucet is based in the small city of Oraison, about 100 kilometres north of Marseille, and offers sweet specialities from Provence. The best almonds, raisins and fruits are carefully selected and made into sugar-coated wonders!
product name: Apple dragées.
country of origin: France
net weight: 200 g
storage: Store protected from heat in a dry place.
contact: François Doucet Confiseur, CS 30100, 04700 Oraison, Alpes de Hautes Provence, France.
In stock: 6
Art. Nr.: 123113
200 gramme packet
(1 KG 54.95 €)
incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
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