Papa dei Boschi - Hazelnut Cream

Hazelnut Cream from Piedmont

Papa dei Boschi's hazelnut puree is made from roasted, ground 100% Piedmontese hazelnuts without any added sugar. The Piedmont hazelnut is considered the best hazelnut in the world, and not only its taste and aroma is unique. The unsweetened hazelnut puree is suitable for making ice cream or sweets, for refining crémes or cocktails, as well as for use in cream sauces with pasta or chicken, for flavouring crusts on fish or game.
product name: Hazelnut Cream.
net weight: 200 g
storage: Store in a cool and dry place.
contact: Papa dei Boschi di Noé A. José, Via Pianravero, 9, 12050 Lequio Berria (CN), Italy
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Art. Nr.: 431853
200 gramme packet
(1 KG 64.95 €)
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